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Revolutionizing Stockpile and Quarry Management with UAV-Guided Maps

Align's UAV/drone technology is used for surveys, aerial imagery, and construction purposes. However, one of our most popular UAV services is creating maps and stockpile reports for companies with open-pit, active mines.

Drone Launching and Landing Pad

Our UAV technology takes the complex logistics and guesswork out of forming quantity reports. We fly our drones over active quarries to collect high-resolution images and topographic data. Then, we process the data and produce topographic maps and volume reports.

In total, the process takes less than a few business days. Drone data is usually collected in less than a day, depending on the size of the quarry. We use professional software including Auto CAD, Carlson, and PIX4D that speeds up the process of creating deliverables for our clients. Plus, our data is accurate down to the centimeter.

In addition to creating accurate stockpile reports, our imagery accelerates the planning process for future mining operations. Generating aerial maps that reflect a quarry's current conditions can help create a more cost-effective and strategic plan for open-pit mining. Our software and experienced staff can produce labeled maps showing stockpiles, access roads, proposed sites, and more.

Align's UAV services are changing the game for mining companies in West-Central Indiana. Our staff has 25+ years of experience in the engineering, survey, and construction industries. All of our drone pilots are certified through the FAA and have undergone extensive training to ensure that all of our flights are performed safely and professionally. If you are interested in learning more about our UAV/ drone capabilities for your open-pit mining operations, please contact us!


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