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Align’s cutting-edge UAV technology is helping businesses, developers, and civil engineers in Indiana manage their projects more accurately and efficiently than ever before.


We provide: 

Why use UAV:

  • saves time

  • saves money

  • measurements are accurate down to the centimeter

Who utilizes UAV technology?

  • Developers

  • The mining industry

  • Contractors

  • Real estate agents and brokers

  • The Department of Natural Resources

  • Utility Companies

  • Parks and Recreation Departments

How does it work?

After an initial consultation with one of our land surveyors or civil engineering staff, our team conducts a site visit and sets survey control. Next, one of our pilots flies over the project area and collects data and aerial imagery. The data is processed by Align and then we produce the deliverable in both electronic and hard copy format that includes topographic maps and volume reports. We use professional software including Auto CAD, Carlson, and PIX4D.

In What settings is UAV beneficial?

UAV technology is advantageous in many types of settings but can be extremely helpful for projects that cover a large quantity of relatively clear ground. Examples include:


  • Large tracts of land for future residential or commercial use

  • New roads and trails

  • Quarries and stockpiles

Why should you choose to work with Align?

Align’s staff has 25+ years of experience in the engineering, survey, and construction industries. Our drone pilots are certified through the FAA and have undergone extensive training to ensure that all of our flights are performed safely and professionally.

Want to learn more about UAV services for your project?

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