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Partnering with Align puts decades of civil engineering expertise on your team.

Underlying all of our work is a real passion for improving project and community outcomes. Align serves as a trusted advisor for public and private sector projects at any stage.


When you work with us, you’ll interact directly with our leadership team, whose commonsense style ensures you know exactly where the project stands. Our expertise gives you greater insight, more oversight, and better solutions that creatively meet requirements and deliver long-term value.

Our Commitments

  • Cost-effective

  • Future-focused

  • Good for communities

  • Clear communication

  • Honest schedules

  • Integrated thinking

  • Flexibility

Robe Ann Park, Greencastle

 Robe- Ann Park, Greencastle 

Bringing it all together

At Align, we believe that open and creative thinking, combined with deep expertise and experience, leads to cost improvements, more sustainable solutions, higher impact, and greater success for our clients and our communities.


We’re always ready to talk about your upcoming needs, whether you’re managing a state contract or envisioning a community space. 

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