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Align's Machine Control Services are Changing the Landscape of Construction Projects

Updated: 5 days ago

Align’s machine control services are helping developers and contractors in Indiana complete construction projects more accurately and efficiently than ever before.

3D machine control model of a residential development ready for excavation

Utilizing machine control expedites a construction project by several days. With a machine control file on board a bulldozer, the operator can follow a 3D model that tells them how deep to dig and where. When utilizing machine control, there are no stakes that are easily knocked over or accidentally removed, less time spent setting up lasers or GPS units, and zero guesswork.

Producing machine control files is one of Align’s fastest-growing services and is utilized by contractors for residential, commercial, and transportation projects. We have provided machine control files for large-scale road construction, new neighborhoods, businesses, and more. We have invested our time and resources into mastering this skill so we can save our clients time and money while providing them with the highest-quality data in our industry. 

How does it work?

After an initial consultation with one of our land surveyors or civil engineering staff, our team begins extrapolating data from the project plans. We can extract data from a PDF set of plans or an Auto CAD file. Next, we build the machine control file in Auto CAD. We create 3D polylines and column lines to produce an accurate 3D model that is easy to read and understand. Once the file is complete and checked for accuracy, we send the file to the client so they can upload it to their machine control software. Then, one of our team members will visit the project site to set control and the bulldozer or excavator can begin digging while being guided by a 3D map. 

In What settings is machine control beneficial?

Who utilizes machine control technology?

Align’s staff has 25+ years of experience in the engineering, survey, and construction industries. Our machine control files are produced by professionals who have decades of experience surveying and engineering. We have mastered this skill and are one of the only companies in west central Indiana with the tools and knowledge to deliver accurate machine control files. 

Slide to see a machine control file created from a PDF set of plans


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